7 best food & cooking shows on Netflix to stream now

Our top 7 food and cooking shows will leave your mouth watering. 

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food and cooking shows

Our top 7 food and cooking shows will leave your mouth watering. 

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http://www.falstaff.com/en/nd/7-best-food-cooking-shows-on-netflix-to-stream-now/ 7 best food & cooking shows on Netflix to stream now Looking for some mouth-watering shows to binge-watch this weekend? Check out our guide to the best food and cooking shows on Netflix now. http://www.falstaff.com/fileadmin/_processed_/c/7/csm_local-cuisine_5352e312e0.jpeg

From global culinary competitions to mind-bending food docuseries, Netflix has given viewers plenty of drool-worthy shows in its 25 years of operation. The streaming giant marks a quarter of a century this week, during which time it has become part of the popular lexicon (“Netflix and chill” anyone?) and spawned a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavour, Netflix & Chill’d (Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownies). Foodies can celebrate in style by checking out these seven Netflix shows, featuring everything from celebrity chefs to edible  engineering.

Chef’s Table: Fascinating insights into the minds of the world’s best chefs

With beautiful cinematography and storytelling, the award-winning documentary series created by the creative genius David Gelb gives viewers the most intimate insights on the chef's personal life and back story throughout its six seasons. Whether you are into cooking or not, each episode of the Emmy-nominated show is truly a provoking and inspirational experience.

Somebody Feed Phil: A beloved food and travel documentary infused with charm and humour

Phil Rosenthal, best known as the creator of the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, has the best job in the world – visiting beautiful places, meeting inspiring people and trying the best local delicacies. During five light-hearted seasons, Phil and his local guide take viewers to every corner of the world to discover food and learn about global cultures.

Ugly Delicious: A quirky and refreshing escape from conventional thinking

Hosted by David Chang, the award-winning chef and best-selling author, the uniquely formatted culinary show explores history, consumerism, prejudices and more, using food culture as a gateway. With his best friend, Peter Meehan, Chang travels the world in 12 episodes to explore the intrinsic values of food and challenge how people think of tacos, pizzas or kimchi. If you like to probe controversial issues and sensitive topics, this show is for you.

The Final Table: Netflix's attempt at MasterChef

Billed as a global cooking competition that features a cast of renowned chefs (Michelin-starred chefs included) and a judging panel of culinary icons, the cooking show showcases the best cuisines from around the world. Each episode focuses on a different country’s cuisine and 12 international teams with two professional chefs each are asked to create their version of that country’s signature dish. If you’re looking for a fiery cooking show to watch during the weekend, this is it.

Salt Fat Acid Heat: Four keys to great cooking

This is not a typical cooking show. Based on the bestselling book by chef Samin Nosrat, the four-part series teaches and inspires younger generations how to master four main elements of wonderful cooking: Salt, fat, acid and heat. Informative, engaging and joyful, every episode explains why certain flavours work well together and how to understand essential cooking concepts.

My Million Pound Menu: Shark Tank crossed with Top Chef

The idea behind the British reality TV series is simple: a few restaurateurs with big dreams have a chance to present their restaurant ideas to a panel of advisors and investors, who then decide to bring their concepts to life. My Million Pound Menu gives viewers an inside look at how competitive the restaurant industry is. If you are interested in following the entertaining journeys of determined cooks who want to test their ideas in the harsh reality of the marketplace, grab some popcorn and settle down to watch it.

Baking Impossible: Ebible Engineering

In Baking Impossible, top bakers and engineers team up to create tasty treats that can survive intense engineering stress tests including simulated earthquakes and other structural tests. The winning team gets to claim a prize of $100,000. Imagine spending nine hours building an edible boat that floats for around 45 seconds or creating a playable mini golf course. Sounds impossible? Well, that is the beauty of this baking show, making the impossible possible.