Afternoon Tea for Harry Potter fans

Tea and treats in a magical setting.

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Tea and treats in a magical setting.

© Shutterstock Afternoon Tea for Harry Potter fans Visitors at Harry Potter World can now enjoy their Afternoon Tea in a magical setting in London.

There is news about the popular sorcerer's apprentices: Harry, Hermione and Ron. In the “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London” there are no longer just experiences for the eyes, but now also for the palate. Whether you are vegan, or looking for an accompaniment for your tea, coffee or champagne, everything is covered while catching a golden snitch or two with your mouth.

After the tour of the original costumes, sets and magic paraphernalia, you can sit down in the Food Hall for coffee and cake under the floating candles that are familiar from the film. Aromatic tea – hopefully without Umbridge's truth serum – and glistening scones with clotted cream as well as savoury macaroons with chocolate frosting, fill your belly and make the eyes of the visitors sparkle. Afternoon tea includes sweet treats and a variety of sandwiches. On the lowest level of the traditional etagere, you can find a selection of bite-sized appetisers, ranging from salmon to ham to curry date spread.

Liquid gold

Marvelling at props large and small and finding out how the “whipping willow” trick works can make you thirsty. The popular “butterbeer”, well-known from the films, is a remedy for this; it is served during the tour. For a tasty rounding off afterwards, the Afternoon Tea can be booked as an additional package. The confectioners also offer vegan creations and for a golden refreshment, the champagne version is available.