Devaux Launches First Organic Champagne

Champagne Devaux' new Cœur de Nature

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Champagne Devaux' new Cœur de Nature

Champagne Devaux' new Cœur de Nature

Photo provided Devaux Launches First Organic Champagne The Cœur de Nature cuvée is the Champagne co-operative’s first certified organic wine.

The wine is the result of an ongoing move towards sustainability that started two decades ago. Certain vineyard parcels are identified to be converted to organic farming methods – even within the challenging climatic conditions of northerly Champagne.

Beyond farming

Champagne Devaux, the leading co-operative in the Côte des Bar in southern Champagne, also emphasises that the eco-credentials of the wine go beyond farming: the bottle does without a neckband, the front and back labels are printed on sustainable paper while the outer packaging eschews plastic. The debut of this wine, they say, is the result of “over two decades spent improving environmental performance, including reducing carbon footprint, promoting biodiversity, adopting an innovative yet rigorous approach to vineyard quality management and overhauling packaging solutions.”

A crisp style

Being sourced exclusively from certified organic vineyards in the Kimmeridgian soils of the Côte des Bar, the Champagne is a blanc de noirs, made from 100% Pinot Noir. Cellar master Michel Parisot says: “Our Cœur de Nature is the fruit of several decades of commitment to environmental best practice at our vineyards and the occasion to launch a younger style with a focus on crisp, fresh fruit flavours.” 70% of this first bottling is based on the 2019 vintage with an impressive 30% of reserve wines in the blend and it has a dosage of just 4.6g/l.