Dry Extract Interview: Peter Mondavi Junior of Charles Krug Winery, Napa, California

Peter Mondavi Jr.

© Photo provided

Peter Mondavi Jr.

Peter Mondavi Jr.

© Photo provided

Peter Mondavi Jr. is a scion of Napa Valley's famous Mondavi dynasty. He grew up at the family's Charles Krug Winery - Napa's first commercial winery founded in 1861. While he and brother worked at the winery from a young age, Peter later gained a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA. Today he runs the family winery and is proud of the elegance of his wines.

The best advice I ever got

Be passionate. Wine is not something you jump into as a business

My life motto

It all revolves around food and wine. I love food

I am currently reading

The New York Times - I am an avid reader

My most played music track

Classic rock 'n' roll tracks from the 1960s and 70s

If I didn’t do my current job I would be

Two things: I love cars and the performance aspect of that, so I'd work in that, or in the culinary world.

Skill I don’t currently possess but would like to have

I have actually started doing this: getting back into computer programming.

My favourite kind of exercise

My daily routine is 45 minutes on an elliptical trainer but I love walking, hiking and long-distance hiking.

I relax while

Doing stuff in the house. I like tinkering in my machine workshop.

I collect


My essential newspaper/magazine

The New York Times

My desert-island wine

Sauvignon Blanc

I have learnt a lot from

Experience, doing things, exposure.

My last meal and sip will be

Bistecca alla Fiorentina cooked on olive wood, doused with salt and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and a bottle of our Vintage Select Cabernet Sauvignon 1998.