Egg-licious! Advocaat Recipes & Tips

Enjoy an adult Easter with advocaat's creamy, sweet flavour. 

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Eggnog's creamy, sweet flavor makes it versatile.

Enjoy an adult Easter with advocaat's creamy, sweet flavour. 

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During Easter, everything revolves around eggs. However, children aren't the only ones who should enjoy a visit by the Easter Bunny. For adults, eggs make a wonderful liqueur, with an exotic background. In Brazil, colonial sailors discovered a drink that was made with avocados and alcohol. Since avocados were not then available in Europe, the Dutchman Eugen Verpoorten replaced them with eggs and without further ado – advocaat was born. To this day, Verpoorten advocaat is produced according to the original recipe from 1876. 

We have plenty of adult inspiration for you this Easter, from tips for homemade advocaat to cocktails. If you don't feel like making a mess in the kitchen, you can find high-quality advocaat easily online and treat yourself to some expensive, designer chocolate treats.

How Do You Make Good Advocaat Yourself?

Making advocaat yourself has several advantages: Firstly, you have full control over which ingredients go into the mixture. Secondly, homemade liqueur cannot be beaten for freshness. And thirdly, making it yourself can become a fun Easter activity with the family.

Our tips for successful advocaat:

Pay attention to the eggs: The quality of the eggs is crucial so we recommend organic eggs. You can read about everything you should consider when buying them here.
The right consistency: If you want thick eggnog you can spoon, use condensed milk. If you prefer the liquid version, add milk. The variant with whipped cream is particularly popular.
The alcohol ratio: Here it depends on personal preference. The general rule is: use at least the same amount of milk/whipped cream as alcohol.
Cold or warm: Basically, advocaat does not need to be heated. However, heat makes it last longer. To do this, heat the mixture either in a water bath or directly in the pot. But be careful: Do not heat the advocaat above 70 degrees - otherwise you will quickly find yourself with a liqueur egg dish!

With a thicker consistency, advocaat can also be spooned over desserts.

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Cocktails with Advocaat

Who says that eggnog can't also be enjoyed in a martini glass? Or added to coffee? Expand your repertoire with these three recipes:

Happy Easter from the Falstaff Team!


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