First German Riesling on La Place de Bordeaux

Carolin Spanier-Gillot and Franck Lederer.

Photo provided


Carolin Spanier-Gillot and Franck Lederer.

Photo provided First German Riesling on La Place de Bordeaux A dry Riesling from German estate Weingut Battenfeld Spanier will be the first to be sold by La Place de Bordeaux.

The distribution network, which dates back centuries, is no longer limited to wines from Bordeaux. In the middle of this year, Kracher become the first Austrian winery on La Place while two Craggy Range wines became the first from New Zealand.

Now it is time for the debut of a dry Riesling from a German wine estate: Weingut Battenfeld Spanier, represented by H.O. Spanier and Carolin Spanier-Gillot. Leading Bordeaux négociant Maison Ginestet will distribute “C.O. Liquid Earth”, which it describes as a “rising star".

“German white wine, and in particular the bio-dynamically cultivated terroir wines of H.O. Spanier, has earned its place in the finest restaurants and collections of passionate wine connoisseurs the world over. We are happy and proud to do our part bringing this wine on the famous tables of the world,” said Maison Ginestet general manager Franck Lederer.

The French négociant will begin distribution of Battenfeld Spanier wines on 26 September, launching with the 2017 C.O. Riesling.

C.O. comes from the craggiest section of the Zellertal, situated between the single sites Frauenberg and Schwarzer Herrgott, both classified as Grosse Lage, or grand cru, and is harvested only as the last of the other fruit is coming in, according to the winery. It is sourced from a selection of the oldest vines and finest parcels, and therefore does not fall under the standard site classification.

One of the world's few white wines that is released only after maturation, C.O. spends some years in the estate’s dedicated ageing cellar, which covers 1,800 sqm. 

Maison Ginestet will distribute Battenfeld Spanier C. O. LIQUID EARTH worldwide, except in Germany and Austria where the long-standing partners of the family will maintain their distribution rights.


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