Five Cocktails for a Winter Party

Tasty cocktails for a winter party.

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Tasty cocktails for a winter party.

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Hosting friends and family for a party is one of life's great pleasures and winter is the perfect season for it. Welcome your guests with a celebratory cocktail, either with fancy canapés or simply a bowl of crisps. The key to stress-free success is to keep your cocktails simple, and to prepare as much ahead of time as you can. This includes lining up sparkling clean glassware and shaker, getting your garnishes ready and having time to put on your glad rags well before the first ring of the doorbell. And make sure you make yourself a “tester” of whatever you’re serving so when your guests arrive, you’ll be all set to pour their drinks with aplomb.


So easy to make and so pretty to look at, this is fruity but light and refreshing so would be a great aperitif before a large feast.

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Rebujito is the summery drink downed by the bucketload at ferias all over sherry-making Spain. Normally it’s made with very dry fino or manzanilla sherry, but using a nutty amontillado in its place gives the drink a more seasonal grunt. 

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Said to have been invented to mark the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, in 1861, this underrated mixture of bitter stout and sparkling wine oozes a kind of gothic glamour.

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Mulled wine is a seasonal staple at this time of year; cider makes a lighter alternative with a bit more roll-in-the-hay charm. Use cloudy, scrumpy-style dry cider rather than carbonated supermarket brands.

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Wonderfully retro and sure to brighten the mood on a chilly day, a Snowball is really easy to make and is bound to raise a smile. It’s sweet and creamy so avoid serving with a big meal.

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