Fizz without the faff

Sparkling wine packaging could be relaxed.

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Sparkling wine packaging could be relaxed.

© Shutterstock Fizz without the faff UK law change may end use of foil on sparkling wine bottles.

To some, it forms part of the ritual of opening a bottle of fizz: you remove the foil and wire before popping the cork.

But now the law that stipulates bottles containing pressurised wine must be sheathed in foil may be about to be relaxed in the UK, a move that could save producers on packaging costs.

As part of the UK removing EU laws from the statute book in a post-Brexit world, sparkling wine packaging could be relaxed, meaning English versions of the popular drink can be produced without a foil covering.

The move may even force a rethink at EU level, with the European Parliament admitting in 2020 that: “The foil does not have any other functional characteristics and is usually removed and thrown away immediately prior to the consumption of the wine.”

The move is expected to save English wineries up to 50p on every bottle produced, but it is unclear whether producers will opt to remove the packaging, with some feeling it adds to the ‘luxury’ feel of the bottle.