Giveaway: Palmer & Co Grands Terroirs – Time as a legacy

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© Photo provided Giveaway: Palmer & Co Grands Terroirs – Time as a legacy Champagne Palmer & Co unveils 'Grands Terroirs' and puts Montagne de Reims in the spotlight.

Grands Terroirs is the historic and emblematic signature of Palmer & Co, each Grands Terroirs cuvée expresses the quintessence of their Premier and Grand Cru vineyards of Montagne de Reims in an exceptional vintage.

Champagne Palmer & Co delivers two exceptional interpretations with Grands Terroirs 2012 (in magnum) and 2015 (in bottle).

Cellar Master Xavier Berdin interprets what nature offers him, with a beautiful score of Premier and Grand Crus, selected for their identity and expression from the heart of the greatest terroirs in Montagne de Reims.

Montagne de Reims is the kingdom of Pinot Noir, which represents 60% of its plantings. A vigorous and generous grape variety, it adapts perfectly to the limestone soil. But there are also magnificent Chardonnays which predominate on the eastern slopes, in Trépail and Villers-Marmery, sheltered from the west winds. These two crus give birth to superb Chardonnays, renowned for their concentration and structure.

The vast plateau of Montagne de Reims that stretches between Reims and Epernay is covered in forest which plays an important role as a temperature regulator for nearby vineyards. The grapes ripen perfectly thanks to a particular climatic phenomenon. In the evening, the cold air descends towards the plain and the warm air, formed during the day, over the Reims mountain descends on the vines.

These two cuvees gracefully reproduce the unique characteristics of the terroirs of Montagne de Reims. They also reflect the art of blending at Palmer, which produces wines with great ageing potential, as demonstrated by vintages such as 1969, 1976 and 1979.


Test your knowledge and win 3 bottles of Grands Terroirs 2015!

Grands Terroirs is a historic and emblematic signature of Palmer & Co, with each cuvee expressing the quintessence of our Premier and Grand Cru vineyards in an exceptional vintage. Take a chance and win 3 bottles by answering three questions correctly!

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