Giveaway: Win 1 Three-Litre Bottle of Premium Vodka Absolut Elyx

Absolut Elyx revives true craftsmanship and presents the history of its existence.

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Absolut Elyx revives true craftsmanship and presents the history of its existence.

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Absolut Elyx is a premium vodka made from hand-picked Swedish winter wheat and pure filtered water from Åhus, Sweden. For this noble vodka, the distillery works exclusively with the finest wheat sourced from a single estate. 

Premium Vodka

The One Source principle ensures that every drop of Elyx comes from a radius of 25km and thus limits the production of the vodka to one harvest per year. Absolut Elyx is a hand-made single-batch vodka made using a vintage copper still from 1921. This manufacturing process revives true craftsmanship and integrity, embodying a true sense of luxury and history.

Multiple awards

The premium Vodka has been awarded 90 Falstaff points and won gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017.

Tasting & serving suggestion

A tasting note describes the Absolut Elyx vodka, which has 40% alcohol by volume, as having "fresh taste with light grain notes that give it its character and recognition value. The mild, natural taste leaves a silky and elegant feeling on the tongue”. Thanks to the individual manufacturing process, Absolut Elyx has a velvety taste structure, like liquid silk.

The vodka is extremely versatile. Drunk neat, for example on the rocks, in a long drink or as an ingredient for a wide variety of cocktails, Elyx is perfectly smooth and balanced. However, Absolut Elyx is best enjoyed pure on ice so that the extraordinary taste comes into its own. Or combine with fresh oysters and scallops to create an Elyx Oyster Mary drink.


This is your chance to win! Falstaff is giving away a 3-litre bottle of Absolut Elyx vodka worth €190. 

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Closing date: 16.12.2021.

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Where is Absolut Elyx premium vodka made?

Question 2/3

According to which principle is Absolut Elyx manufactured?

Question 3/3

What year was the copper still built?



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