Kvarner: The Adriatic Gourmet Destination

The most beautiful Kvarner region

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Kvarner region

The most beautiful Kvarner region

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Some of these places may already sound familiar as many Europeans are already regular visitors to the fabulous coastlines, mountainous areas and gorgeous islands: the Kvarner region is home to the enchanting Opatija and Crikvenica rivieras and the paradise islands of Rab, Cres, Krk and Lošinj. The lovely coastline has long been a favourite playground of the Habsburg monarchy and other European aristocracy and, in addition to health and vitality holidays, sports and great beaches, the region is now gaining a new reputation as a gastronomic destination.

Kvarner is an international driving destination, if arriving by car, with good road connections from surrounding countries. If flying, there are flights from a number of European cities direct to Rijeka airport in the heart of the region.

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Kvarner scampi with star quality

Local specialities have become delicious ambassadors for this exciting new gourmet hotspot. One speciality in particular stands out: the legendary scampi, these are like langoustines and are truly among the very best in the Mediterranean.

A stroll through the Rijeka fish market in the famous Art Deco market halls reveals a whole world of fresh fish and seafood. However, the delights of the sea are not the only staples that inspire the Kvarner region’s chefs. The pristine nature of the forested countryside also holds many riches. And let’s not forget some of the top offerings of the islands such as the lambs wandering freely feeding on wild herbs on the island of Cres, or the world class olive oil and honey varieties.

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Guaranteed Quality

The reliable and easiest way of spotting vibrant culinary addresses is to look out for the local labels which are a stamp of guaranteed quality – they state Kvarner Gourmet and Kvarner Food and the exciting local wines, likewise, can be spotted by looking for the the newly created Kvarner Wines label.

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