Make the most of Sardine Day!

Channel that holiday vibe with a plate of sardines.

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Channel that holiday vibe with a plate of sardines.

© Shutterstock Make the most of Sardine Day! Indulge in the small oily fish for Sardine Day on 24 November and bring back memories of that summer holiday in the Mediterranean.

This tiny oily fish has been part of people's diets for centuries. Salted and packed in oil, sardines are available both in glass containers and in tins and keep for years, thus finding a well-deserved place in many pantries. Especially beloved in southern European countries such as Portugal, the fish belongs to the same family as herring and anchovies. And now it has found a place not just in modest pubs and inns but top restaurants as well. 

Celebrate Sardine Day with these three recipes


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