Muschicraft: A New Beer by Women for Women

The feminist beer is called Muschicraft.

© Isabella Simon


The feminist beer is called Muschicraft.

© Isabella Simon

Anna Sophie Tschannett, founder of the brand Muschikraft was a street worker in Vienna's red-light districts. This is how she first came into contact with the issue of violence against women. "Before, I lived in a bubble, I wasn't aware of how often women are affected by violence out there, I knew I had to help".

Help for women's shelters

Then, two years ago, during a conversation with a friend, the name Muschikraft was born. "I couldn't let go of the term and created an Instagram page where I sold feminist stickers and donated some of the proceeds to women's shelters. I currently support the Vienna Women's Shelters and the Association of Autonomous Women's Shelters Austria."

One sticker soon became more. The idea for the beer was born.

"The pun potential with the Muschicraft beer simply fascinated me! Many women in my circle of friends like to drink beer, as do I!" The name translates to "Pussy Power" in English, Kraft being strength or power in German...

The founder wants to give a new feminine look to what's often seen as a classic male drink. "The beer industry is still skewed towards men, from advertising to breweries."

The Viennese craft beer manufacturer Schalken is one of the few exceptions in the male-dominated Austrian beer world. Managing director Anna Haider was immediately enthusiastic about Tschannett's idea: "We were very happy about the cooperation, because the topic Sophie is addressing is also very close to our hearts, and it's all the better that we as a manufacturer can also make a contribution to it.

How does the beer taste?

The taste is restrainedly tart with a pleasant fruity hop aroma. However, it is not meant to be a beer for women only. "It is a beer for all gender identities!"

Feminist beer soon available in restaurants 

From March, the new beer will be available for the first time at selected Viennese restaurants. Direct purchase is possible through the Schalken brewery for €2.80 a bottle.