New travel warning for visitors to Turkey

Mount Cilo, Hakkari, Turkey.

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Mount Cilo, Hakkari, Turkey.

© Shutterstock New travel warning for visitors to Turkey UK Foreign Office issues travel advice for two regions of the country.

Even if Turkey is considered a “generally very safe” country, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has issued a new travel warning. The updated advice covers the provinces of Hakkari and Sirnak in the Eastern and Southeastern parts: any travel there should be avoided at present. As this province lies next to Syria and Iraq, there is an increased possibility of attacks and, in general, the Foreign Office advises against all travel to areas within 10km of the border with Syria.

Travellers who wish to visit Mount Ararat in the Agri province will have to ask for a special permit as it is a military-restricted zone. In general, tourists should be aware of a possible spike in terrorist attacks from groups such as PKK, Daesh (formerly known as ISIL) and far-left organisations.

Travellers with UK passports made more than 3.3million visits to Turkey last year, with its growing popularity helped by a large supply of cheap hotels, and a fall in cost of other travel essentials following a drop in the value of the Turkish lira. With high inflation in most European countries, Turkey will maintain its role as one of the most popular summer destinations in 2023.