The cheapest city breaks in Europe revealed

Warsaw is the most affordable city break for UK couples.

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Warsaw is the most affordable city break for UK couples.

© Shutterstock The cheapest city breaks in Europe revealed Poland’s Warsaw has been named the most affordable destination for couples seeking a city break in Europe. Find out where else you can get bang for your holiday bucks.

Poland's capital is best place in Europe for couples seeking an affordable city break, due to its low costs for dining out, alcohol and excursions, according to new research by Forbes Advisor.

The travel insurance experts calculate that the average cost for a two-day holiday for two people in Warsaw is £426. It crunched data looking on the average price for return flights for two people from the UK, two nights' accommodation, two days' worth of excursions, taxis and meals out as well as alcohol. 

Sofia in Bulgaria came in second place, with the average cost for a couple’s getaway coming in at £432. Alcohol is cheaper than in Warsaw but taxis are much more expensive, it noted.

Lithuania's capital Vilnius ranks in third place with an average cost of £465 for a two-day break for two people.

Bern the priciest break

Bern in Switzerland is the most expensive European capital to travel to, costing a couple £1,128 for a short stay.

The city that has the highest cost of return flights from the UK is Nicosia in Cyprus, with two return tickets costing £570 and the most expensive city for alcohol was Monaco, where drinks for two people over two days cost £82. 

Laura Howard from Forbes Advisor said that summer of 2022 marked the first opportunity for many couples to take a city break in Europe since the pandemic began. However she noted budgets are tight given the rising cost of living. 

“It’s encouraging to see that couples can still get great deals in cities like Warsaw, giving them the chance to explore new and interesting places without it being prohibitively expensive." 

The 10 most affordable European cities for a two-day couple’s break 

  1. Warsaw, Poland, £426 
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria, £432 
  3. Vilnius, Lithuania, £465
  4. Skopje, North Macedonia, £511  
  5. Belgrade, Serbia,£521 
  6. Prague, Czech Republic, £523 
  7. Podgorica, Montenegro, £528  
  8. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, £538 
  9. Riga, Latvia, £550
  10. Bucharest, Romania, £561 

The 10 most expensive European cities for a two-day couple’s break 

  1. Bern, Switzerland, £1,128  
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland, £1,022
  3. Nicosia, Cyprus, £1,004
  4. Paris, France, £960 
  5. Vaduz, Liechtenstein, £900
  6. Monaco, £892 
  7. Valletta, Malta, £830
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark, £815
  9. Stockholm, Sweden, £754
  10. Athens, Greece, £706