The ‘happiest’ destinations in Europe

Barcelona comes out on top with the best overall happiness score.

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Happiest travel destinations Europe

Barcelona comes out on top with the best overall happiness score.

© Adobe Stock The ‘happiest’ destinations in Europe A number of popular destinations are included in a list highlighting locations considered as the best in Europe for safety, cheap beer and outdoor activities.

When are you happy? When you are on holiday! But which places are the happiest for a holiday? Travel company Club Med has compiled a ranking based on criteria like crime and domestic beer cost. This mixture is unlikely to meet the highest scientific standards, but the result might give travellers a clue about where to travel next.

This their top ten of “happy” destinations in Europe:

  1. Barcelona, Spain
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Porto, Portugal
  5. Marseille, France
  6. Madrid, Spain
  7. Dublin, Ireland
  8. London, UK
  9. Valencia, Spain
  10. Milan, Italy

Barcelona came out on top with an overall “happiness score” of 21 out of 100, while the second happiest European destination, Amsterdam, has the lowest crime rating of the top five, with a score of 33.6 out of 100. Budapest is where travellers will find the cheapest pint in Europe (€1.75), while Marseille has the maximum LGBTQ+ friendly score.

Happiest destinations in the world

Club Med also compiled a ranking of the ten happiest destinations in the world, with the US, somewhat surprisingly, registering three cities in the top ten: 

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Las Vegas, USA
  3. New Orleans, USA
  4. Barcelona, Spain
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Budapest, Hungary
  7. Vancouver, Canada
  8. San Francisco, USA
  9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The nine metrics used for the ranking were:

  • Crime Index
  • Safety Index
  • Pollution Index
  • Cost of Domestics beer 0.5L draught (in a restaurant) in £
  • Number of outdoor activities by 100,000 population
  • Number of day trips by 100,000 population
  • Number of spas & wellness centres by 100,000 population
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Happiness score

Numbeo data was collected on pollution, crime and the cost of beer. At the same time, Tripadvisor was scraped for the number of outdoor activities, day trips, spas and wellness centres in each destination per 100,000 people. Nomadlist, a platform for remote workers, was used to find the overall happiness of individual cities and LGBTQ+ friendliness.