Top 10 Cocktails with Coffee

The best coffee cocktails.

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The best coffee cocktails.

© Shutterstock Top 10 Cocktails with Coffee The popular pick-me-up makes for a special treat when mixed with spirits. Here are our ten favourite drinks to mix up.

Coffee is a "hug in a mug", according to a popular saying. But coffee with its fine aromas can not only be enjoyed hot in a cup but is also a good partner for spirits.

Whether in a simple non-alcoholic drink as espresso tonic or in more unusual creations – more and more bartenders are using coffee as an ingredient in cocktails. In terms of mixability, so-called "black gold" is particularly versatile and can be paired with gin, rum, whisky or vodka, used as a liqueur or in the form of whole beans.

We have searched our database for coffee cocktails and present our favourite drinks here. With this in mind, raise your cups – or better still, shakers and cocktail glasses! 

Ten Cocktails for Coffee Fans