Top 10: Tips for Managing a New Year's Day Hangover

New Year's Eve 2021

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New Year's Eve 2021

New Year's Eve 2021

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Champagne, sparkling wine, cocktails, wine, beer & co. - when it comes to celebrating the end of the year or toasting the New Year, many people like to do so with a drink or two - even if this year, the pandemic prevents us from celebrating in large groups. To ensure that the consequences of boisterous alcohol consumption are not too devastating, there are a few basic rules to follow. Take the right approach on the evening of the party as any measures taken on New Year's Day can only serve to limit the damage already done! 

The base

Eat well on New Year's Eve, do not skip dinner. Food helps slow the absorbtion of alcohol into the blood stream, but it will only delay the effect, not stop it.

Drink a lot

Drink lots, but not exclusively alcohol. Try to drink as as much mineral water as possible. The rule of thumb is at least as much water as wine. You may need to nip to the bathroom more often, but the next day you will be as fresh as a mountain stream.

Avoid cheap booze

Drink quality not quantity, you will savour it more and be less inclined to rush. Of course, conscientious production and the use of the best ingredients have an effect on physical well-being. When it comes to wine, go for high-quality products and don't use cheap booze for cocktails either.

No experiments

Don't be tempted to deviate from your usual drinking habits on New Year's Eve; you'll be in more control. If you don't normally drink sparkling wines be careful, experiments at the University of Surrey clearly demonstrate that the bubbles in champagne and sparkling wines enable our bodies to absorb the alcohol faster, so you will get drunk more quickly. 

Before going to bed

If you are still upright as you cross the threshold of your home, then you have already done a lot right. However, should you be feeling dizzy, or struggling with your speech, there are further precautions you can take before going to bed. Aspirin is a real hangover killer and magnesium also strengthens the body. There are various corresponding effervescent powders available at pharmacies - make sure your cupboard is stocked before 31st December.


Drink plenty of water before you go to bed. It's better to have to get up once in the night than not to get out of bed at all the following morning. For maximum effect combine your bedtime glass of water with a couple of aspirin.

Breathe deeply

Ventilate the bedroom extensively, get a good night's sleep, but don't stay in bed all day. Physical well-being increases with exercise and activity.

The first thing in the morning...

Treat yourself to a vitamin-rich breakfast with plenty of fluids. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and mineral water are perfect. Eggs are also a great hangover cure, they contain the amino acid cysteine which helps break down acetaldehyde, a by-product of processing alcohol. Beware the hair of the dog, be that a glass of champagne or a bloody mary, this will only postpone sobering up and your hangover may well be all the more severe.

Tricks allowed

Special hangover or magnesium drinks ensure a good start to the new year. Energy drinks or coffee can help in the short term, but for long-term success you should rely on restorative substances such as ginkgo, ginseng, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, fructose and lots and lots of water. Ask at your local pharmacy.

Get out and about

A walk or sport in the fresh air clears the mind, provides the body with a large portion of oxygen and the exercise helps to break down and burn off residual alcohol and calories.

Happy New Year!

All the best from the entire Falstaff team!