What You Can Learn about Sourdough from YouTube

Sourdough was one of the biggest food trends to emerge from the pandemic.

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Sourdough was one of the biggest food trends to emerge from the pandemic.

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Cooking and baking at home exploded during pandemic lockdowns around the world. Many foodies even dared to make their own sourdough and recipes are now a dime a dozen. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the shop talk and have thought about secretly disposing of your sourdough – perhaps here is your salvation. We present the four most instructive YouTube channels on the subject of sourdough and bread baking.

The Bread Code

Hendrik Kleinwächter aka The Bread Code gets to the bottom of the mystery of sourdough in a very likeable way. With his bright and self-deprecating manner, it is a pleasure to listen to him. Originally from Hamburg, the software engineer has a connection to the German way of life and it is easy to understand where he gets his products for sourdough if you live in that part of Europe. Highly recommended!


A little further north, there is Sune Trudslev, also known as Foodgeek or "the dough whisperer". On his channel you can find beautiful breads, traditional Danish pastries and all kinds of goodies. The good thing about his channel is that he illustrates many methods and thus makes it obvious why your bread has not yet reached the sourdough Olympus. He likes to start his videos in front of his guitar collection, which gives it a rocking feel. Rock your sourdough!

Bake with Jack

Jack Sturgess is behind Bake with Jack. A trained chef turned bread guru. His videos are often only 10 minutes long and on the theoretical side. His approach to baking really good sourdough bread is to understand the process and not blindly follow the recipe. He exposes all the blind spots that exist in bread recipes. Watching Jack allows you to really begin to understand the principles of sourdough.

Sourdough LoafHacker

With the Sourdough LoafHacker from the UK, baking bread becomes a meditation. His calm voice guides the viewer through a two-week tutorial. One starts very simply with the basics and ends with complex scoring techniques. The latter is especially fascinating. In addition, there are videos with simple tricks to do at home. The videos are very structured and any chemical or biological discussions are deliberately omitted.