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Alpine wines from France: Viticulture on Mont Blanc

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Alpine wine is also grown in France. The fresh examples from Savoy are particularly popular with wine lovers.

The French Alps are home to some exciting wine-growing regions. Bugey comes to mind, as do Isère, Diois, Hautes-Alpes and of course Savoy, probably the best-known French Alpine wine region. Savoy stretches from the southern flank of Lake Geneva almost all the way down to Grenoble. In purely visual terms, the region, which is a true paradise for wine lovers thanks to its countless fragmented vineyard plots on a wide variety of soils and numerous indigenous grape varieties, hardly differs from the Alpine valleys of Switzerland.

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If you are looking for genuine cool-climate wines, you are sure to find them here, because even if most Alpine regions are at a higher altitude, the alcohol content here is also constantly increasing due to ever higher temperatures. Not so in Savoy, where light, elegant white and red wines are produced that are hard to find elsewhere in Europe. The wines of Domaine Ardoisières, for example, which are produced on steep terraces with quartzite and slate soils and come across as clear and fresh as a cool mountain stream, are virtually legendary among freshness fanatics.

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