CDG, Terminal 1

CDG, Terminal 1

CDG Airport hit by demonstrations affecting passengers at Terminal 1

Campaigners intensify their action against President Macron’s contentious pension reforms.

Demonstrations in France over plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 have hit the travel industry hard today (March 23), with protestors descending on Charles De Gaulle, CDG, Airport in Paris.

On the ninth day of action against the controversial pensions’ changes, access to Terminal 1 at CDG, the biggest airport in the country, was blocked by anti-government demonstrators.

With the action ongoing, a Paris Airports’ spokesman confirmed that “Terminal 1 is blocked by activists, as well as road access to other areas,” but maintained that the disruption would not have an impact on flights.

President Macron, however, remains defiant on a move that has seen the government use constitutional power to initiate the reforms, without a vote in the National Assembly.

“This reform isn’t a luxury, it’s not a pleasure, it’s a necessity.” said Macron, despite seeing fuel pumps run dry, bins remain unemptied, and now protests at the country’s biggest airport.



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