Matías Lamen and Elisabeth Boucher-Anselin.

Matías Lamen and Elisabeth Boucher-Anselin.
© Guillermo Llamos / Ministerio de Turismo y Deportes

Guide Michelin debuts in Argentina

The inspectors of the iconic restaurant guide visit Argentina for the first time. A first selection for Buenos Aires and Mendoza is to be presented on November 24 this year.

As the first Spanish-speaking country in South America, Argentina will be included in the Guide Michelin 's catalog of more than 40 gourmet destinations starting this year.

The arrival of the Michelin Guide in Argentina marks the beginning of a new era for our gastronomy and Argentine tourism. We are working with the public and private sectors to make our country the leading gastronomic destination in Latin America and one of the most attractive in the world -. and this announcement is proof of that. I have no doubt that this path we are taking together with the Michelin Guide will be a milestone that will last for many decades to come.
- Matías Lammens, Argentine Minister of Tourism and Sports

The focus of the anonymous inspectors will initially be on the metropolises of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, the selection of which is to be presented as early as November 24, 2023.

Buenos Aires, he said, is a dazzling metropolis, offering a wide range of architecture, culture and gastronomy that bear witness to its rich history. From elegant restaurants to bistros, Buenos Aires is a world-class destination frequented by international and local foodies willing to try new concepts or go out for a signature drink, the decision is explained in a press release. Mendoza, meanwhile, offers extraordinary landscapes in the Andes, including breathtaking views of the vineyards. Wine culture, in particular, has always shaped the region, he said, forming the picturesque hospitality and way of life with friendly and welcoming restaurants and world-famous wineries.

"With a rich culinary heritage shaped by centuries of turbulent history, cultural influences and successive waves of migration, as well as an innate sense of hospitality and a genuine food culture, Buenos Aires and Mendoza are two gourmet destinations that deserve to be discovered and promoted," explains the international director of the Michelin Guide, Gwendal Poullennece, in conclusion. The anonymous inspectors are already on their way, he said.

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