Meribel, France.

Meribel, France.
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Ski strike expected to hit half-term break

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French workers plan industrial action from January 31.

Half-term holiday plans could be thrown into chaos with the announcement of a strike by French ski-lift workers.

Unions representing lift and seasonal staff in the French Alps plan what they describe as “unlimited” industrial action from January 31, the dispute over plans to reform pensions.

The walkouts will hit both French and other European countries’ half-terms – a peak time for ski breaks – with seasonal holidays in the Alps hitting a peak during February.

Erik Becker of the Force Ouvriere union admitted that “demands are listened to more during this period”, with the action also coinciding with the ski world cup in Courchevel and Meribel from February 6-19.

Protest marches across France on January 12 attracted more than a million to voice their anger at plans to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64.

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