LDN SPRITZ by London Cru

LDN SPRITZ by London Cru
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Urban Winery in London Releases Canned Wine Spritzer

Just in time for English Wine Week, London’s first urban winery releases an English wine spritzer.

London Cru has released LDN SPRITZ, a canned drink based on English wine, made from a field blend of grapes grown in England. The drink is “vegan, locally sourced and free from any artificial flavourings,” London Cru’s distributor Roberson Wine states.

Roberson Wine’s director Talya Roberson said: “We were tired of hauling along bottles, corkscrews, glasses and soda to our picnics. We wanted to make something high-quality, yet easy to enjoy on a long day in the sun.” the idea came 18 months ago and is released in time for English Wine Week at a price of £3.95 per 250ml can.

London Cru opened in 2013 and was London’s first urban winery. Initially wine was made from French grapes but since 2017, only grapes sourced from England have been used.

There are now 3,500 hectares/8,645 acres of vineyard in Great Britain, mostly in the southern counties of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Essex.

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