Nestor – Weingut Stadler

Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Since the 2019 harvest, Günther Neukamp and Thomas Stadler have been bottling single-vineyard Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris wines under the brand names "NESTOR" and "NEUKAMP & STADLER", whose unique characteristics delight connoisseurs. The 39 hectares of vineyards around Halbturn have been supplying excellent grapes for more than 40 years. The best sites produce wines under the "NESTOR" brand. Conscious quantity reduction in the sustainably-cultivated vineyards, careful selection during the grape harvest, as well as elaborate and technically demanding vinification processes, create exceptional and age-worthy wines with special character. Almost all premium wines are aged on the fine lees in limited quantities of 2,000 to 3,000 bottles per variety in French barriques and 500-litre oak barrels from renowned cooperages. Batonnage and 12 (white) or 18 (red) months of barrel ageing create elegant wine rarities that open their drinking window just two years after harvest. Vintage and varietal typicity determine the characteristics of the "NESTOR" wines. In particular, the vineyard area of the Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris varieties will be further increased due to the very good demand for these wines.

Tasting room
Cultivation Area in Hectares: 39
Exhibitions: ProWein Düsseldorf, Austrian Tasting London, VieVinum, DAC-Präsentationen, Wein Burgenland Präsentationen, ÖGW Zürich, WeinMüchen
Production Style: Conventional
Winemaker: Thomas Stadler (Weingut STADLER)
A glass of white wine in a man's hand. Greek Mediterranean wine against the backdrop of an antique amphitheater in Greece.
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