Falstaff Wineguide Austria/South Tyrol 2021/22

Falstaff Wineguide Austria/South Tyrol 2021/22

About twenty years ago, Hans Schwarz, a trained butcher from Andau, dared to do something unusual: He switched professions, from being a professional butcher to a vintner and he has never looked back. Andau, is the warmest place in Austria, offers the best conditions to press great wines and Hans Schwarz has proved with his often unorthodox methods, that wines from here can actually reach cult status.

Hans Schwarz relied on the indigenous Zweigelt grape variety which is still unremittingly known as "Schwarz-Rot" by wine lovers, wine connoisseurs and restaurateurs. The successful line "The Butcher" is therefore a homage to his previous profession. But by no means should the future be forgotten, and so Michael Schwarz, who has been running the day-to-day business since 2018, is now expanding "The Butcher" line to include international grape varieties.

Michael returned from many internships abroad to continue his father's work. He is planning two new lines in the premium and basic ranges for the coming year. The winery itself will be expanded introducing a cosy tasting room, where you can not only taste the cult wines, but also Burgenland delicacies like homemade bacon or Hans' famous chili cheese style sausages. Hans Schwarz ideology has always been that food and drink belong together. Michael thus tries to achieve what is demanded of all young vintners: to do everything just like their father - and yet completely different.


  • Contact Person: Michael Schwarz
  • Exhibitions
  • Winemaker: Michael Schwarz
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 29

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  • Weingut Panta Rhei
    Am Golfplatz 1, 7431 Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Burgenland, Austria

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