Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

Weingut Bollig cultivates three and a half hectares of wines in and around the village of Wintrich. The best wines hail from the steep Ohligsberg site. Apart from Riesling, there is also Weiss- and Spätburgunder but Chardonnay, we are told, is also going to play a future role. Lukas Bollig took the estate over from his uncle in 2018. The young winemaker says: “For me the prime focus is on expressing the provenance of the wines.” We can already taste this in his honest and subtly savoury Rieslings which speak of slate minerality and large Fuder barrels. With wines like these, we like to listen.


  • Contact Person: Lukas Bollig
  • Winemaker: Lukas Bollig
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 4


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