Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

Falstaff Wineguide Germany 2021

Sebastian and Stefan Wörner who took over the reins at their parental estate in Edesheim in 2018, have only just made their second vintage. “We have made it our lives’ task to create wines that fit all occasions, at any time of day, at any moment,” the brothers say. They say they want their wines to be uncomplicated and fresh, in no way overwrought or heavy with meaning. They are indeed true to their aims – we were presented with very clean, well-made wines for every day that go well with food and don’t break the bank. This is what we call undisguised, fresh-faced Pfalz wine culture.


  • Contact Person: Sebastian und Stefan Wörner
  • Winemaker: Sebastian und Stefan Wörner
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Cellar Door Sales


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