Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

" Linear typicity of origin, harmonious and fruity, a multifaceted wealth of expressions", Dr. Karl Brindlmayer is enthusiastic about his top vintage 2021. After years of focusing on an academic career while supporting the family winery, he returned to his roots. He is enthusiastically overseeing his first vintages in the sixth generation. The family has been residing on the farm since 1833, which was first mentioned in a document in 1557, and regards the "Sustainable Austria" certification as a way of life. In addition, the wines are bottled on-site, in an efficient and sustainable manner, in the farm's own old wine cellar.

The young winemaker proves that excellence can also be achieved beyond the predefined paths. Like all reserve wines, the traditional brand "Brigos" is supposed to embody power according to the old Celtic meaning of the word. After a long maturation phase as a "Great Reserve", the tension between power and expressiveness is harmoniously resolved. Over decades, Karl's parents built up a diverse range of area- and varietal classics as well as distinctive site wines such as "Rosengarten", "Sonnleithen" and "Bergen". In addition to the influence of the Danube and microclimatic subtleties, these terraced vineyards are characterised by calcareous soils, sometimes deep loess as well as conglomerate with sandstone and marl, while on the east side of the Traisen, cooler hilly sites convey freshness to the wine.

With these sensual roots, each wine should make the enthusiastic winemaker's craft perceptible to a broader public. The current manager, who has in the meantime made the family brand more than just a national success, and achieved this extremely well, as one or the other glass of Brindlmayer wine has already enchanted the senses at the "Grote Markt" in Antwerp or on a business class flight to Montreal. Year after year, the aim is to produce wines that are both distinctive and accessible, with a character of origin that exudes charm and speaks for itself. The winemaking family can look back on many awards, while current successes such as a first place in the Traisental DAC Cup speak for a successful continuation of the "Next Generation".


  • Contact Person: Karl Brindlmayer
  • Exhibitions
  • Winemaker: Karl Brindlmayer
  • Tasting room
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Production of Spirits
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 13
  • Production Style: Conventional


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