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Falstaff Wine Guide Germany 2023

Falstaff Wine Guide Germany 2023

The "N" in the name is coloured in red on the label, a wise decision that may prevent confusion with "Eberbach". The monastery's vineyards produce typical Mosel Rieslings, but not only them. Our tip this year is a Pinot Blanc, as it also comes across like a true Moselaner: approachable, unpretentious and sensual. The Mosel character, shaped by the slate, is also expressed in the finest way by Goldberg Riesling "Alte Reben", as well as the Spätlese from a single vineyard with a surprising name - Bischofsstuhl (Bishop's Chair).

In their own words

At Zenzen's, everything revolves around the topic of wine - and has been since 1636! The traditional winery Kloster Ebernach is located in the middle of the unique Moselle landscape with its typical, terraced vineyards. The locations have promising names such as Klostergarten, Sonnenberg or Bischofsstuhl. A large part of them are labour-intensive steep slopes, which are mainly managed by hand. They are rewarded for this with light, delicately fruity and mineral white wines, mainly Riesling, but also a small, fine amount of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Simply let the enthusiasm of the Zenzen family convince you and find out more about their growth. Be it a visit to the mediterranean monastery courtyard, a wine tasting or simply at home.
Village and single sites
The village sites reflect the typical taste of each grape variety in a well-structured way – wines for every occasion. Single sites each represent the terroir of the single or collective vineyard site that they grow on. They have a different taste each year depending on the specific climate, the soil and most importantly the effort and care they put in it. These wines really are more than worth tasting them again each year.
The cellar master Christian Kruft
»It amazes me to start from the very beginning. This gives us the chance to use our resources in the best way possible to create the best wine possible.«
As a family with a lot of experience they want their cellar master to have just as much of it as they do. With Christian Kruft they have found the right person to help them fulfil their dream. He comes from the Rhine region – another well reputed German wine region – but did his training at the Ahr river valley. Since January 2019 Christian Kruft enjoys to be part of the team and is captivated about the future of the winery.
Working closely with the Kloster Ebernach
The monastery Kloster Ebernach was first mentioned in 1130 a.D. and taken over by the monks Franziskanerbrüdervom Heiligen Kreuz in 1887 a. D. and immediately started their work with disabled people. This was fully in the interest of Bruder Jakobus Wirth, their founder. Today they still follow their guiding principle »being close to the people« taking care of more than 340 people as a modern living and attendance facility. They offer a great variety of work- and occupational therapy as well as a multitude of different leisure time activities promoting individual self-determination, normality and participation.
»Happy to welcome you«
Hopefully the winery caught your interest after what you have just read. Why don’t you simply contact them and book a wine tasting or a guided hiking tour through the vineyards to see, and of course taste, for yourself. Or visit the online store which you can find here.


  • Contact Person: Heinz-Rudolf Zenzen
  • Winemaker: Christian Kruft
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Tasting room
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 8
  • Exhibitions

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