Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

The Lackner-Tinnacher winery is located in the midst of vineyards on a chain of hills in Steinbach near Gamlitz. Viticulture has been practiced on the estate for centuries; as early as 1787, four vineyard parcels were described in detail in the Josephinische Kataster. Today, the vineyard is managed by Katharina Tinnacher. Around 28 hectares of vineyards are located at the ideal altitude of 400 to 500 metres on the best steep slopes in the wine-growing villages of Gamlitz and Kitzeck-Sausal.

The vineyards are the focus of Katharina Tinnacher's attention. They are carefully tended and certified organic. The vines are thinned out three to four times and the shoots are carefully trimmed by hand in order to achieve a high level of ripeness. Harvesting is usually late and special attention is paid to precise hand-picking so that the grapes reach the press quickly and intact. Traditional and careful vinification has determined the timeless elegance of the wines over many years.

The wines are always finely structured, infused with depth of fruit and shaped by soil, climate and vintage. All of the estate's wines come from its own vineyards. The individual sites and vineyards have different soil conditions and Katharina Tinnacher is particularly concerned to show these fine structural differences in the wine. The main variety is Sauvignon Blanc and the grapes for their village Gamlitz Sauvignon Blanc grow on predominantly sandy-gravelly soils. The Sauvignon Blanc Ried Welles has a stony, mineral-rich gravel conglomerate as its subsoil with a topsoil of red and grey sand. The winery also focuses on Pinot varieties. In the main, Pinot Blanc grapes thrive on the limestone marl soils of Ried Eckberg and Morillon Ried Eckberg, but Pinot Blanc Ried Steinbach and Pinot Gris Ried Steinbach are on sandy, gravelly soils. Furthermore, Welschriesling, Gamlitz Gelber Muskateller and Gelber Muskateller Ried Gamitz are pressed from vines that are over fifty years old.

In 2008 the winery was expanded to include vineyards in the Ried Flamberg in the municipality of St. Nikolai im Sausal. Five hectares of cauldron shaped vineyards face south to southwest offer a special terroir characterised by coral limestone soil and are an exciting contrast to the sites in Steinbach. It is not surprising that Flamberg has been the focus of Katharina Tinnacher, who worked on the interaction of vine, soil and climate during her studies at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. Besides the preservation of the valuable old vines, she focuses on the cultivation of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot varieties at Flamberg. From 2016 vintage onwards all wines are certified organic.


  • Contact Person: Katharina Tinnacher
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  • Winemaker: Katharina Tinnacher
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  • Production of Spirits
  • Production Style: Organic
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 28


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