Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

"From stone to wine" is Toni Bodenstein's motto. His ambition lies in exploring the quality and ageing potential of individual sites. The goal is to bring unique, archetypal wines into the glass which carry the very essence of their provenance. Known as the "Terroirist of the Wachau", the winemaker and chairman of the "Regional Wine Committee Wachau" maintains a complex philosophy; history and future, sustainability and naturalness. Thus, the work in the vineyard and cellar is carried out traditionally yet in tandem with necessary innovation as Toni is always striving and searching for the best possible quality. This connection to nature and inspiration come to life in authentic wines, the result of an holistic concept in conjunction with sustainable action. Out of respect for nature, appreciation of the living space and responsibility towards future generations, wines are created that combine elegance and finesse with expression and power. These are wines that show that the great Wachau sites are amongst the best in the world.

Numerous international awards confirm the work and philosophy of Ilse and Toni Bodenstein, who together run one of Austria's most renowned wineries. The 2019 vintage brought the ideas and objectives of the next generation; son Robert Bodenstein, whose Master's thesis considers the terroir of Ried Achleiten, has taken on more responsibility and he too is fascinated and challenged by the multi-layered uniqueness of the Wachau terroir.

The vineyards of the winery are partly located in Weißenkirchen (Steinriegl, Zwerithaler, Klaus and Achleiten) as well as in Dürnstein (Kaiserberg and Liebenberg). The Riesling "Wachstum Bodenstein", which owes its filigree finesse to an extreme altitude (460 metres), also deserves attention. In the case of Grüner Veltliner, it is the "Stockkultur" in the Achleiten, where an ancient vineyard yields a concentrated, mineral wine into which one can immerse oneself. A particularly characterful Grüner Veltliner comes from the oldest vines of the winery in the Kammergut (Ried Zwerithaler). Altogether there are 18 hectares of vineyards, most of which are planted on extreme terraces. For the Bodenstein family, being allowed to be wine growers and winemakers in this unique region is both a legacy and a challenge.


  • Contact Person: Ilse Bodenstein, Robert Bodenstein und Sophie-Helen Hinterhölzl
  • Exhibitions
  • Winemaker: Toni Bodenstein
  • Tasting room
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Production Style: Conventional
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 18.5


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