Falstaff Wineguide Austria/South Tyrol 2021/22

Falstaff Wineguide Austria/South Tyrol 2021/22

Traisental is a place where stones and boulders from the Traisen River meet washed ashore limestone, which takes a few millennia for conglomerate to form - a term for a dry geological substance that produces great Grüner Veltliners. Tom Dockner's vines grow on these ancient, glacial soils, on which quite a few valuable geological layers, i.e. sediments, have accumulated. These, in turn, give his Grüner Veltliners from the Traisental their unmistakable taste: minerality, multi-layered, expressive tones and yet not too over-powering. "Conglomerate" is the name given to this unique amalgamation of many thousands of years formation of scree, gravel, limestone, wind and weather conditions. Its unique vineyards are called Theyerner Berg, Pletzengraben and Hochschopf. Since 2019, the latter two vineyards have been classified as "Erste Lagen 1 ÖTW" (similar to the First Growth classification) and since then the winery has been a member of the "Österreichische Traditionsweingüter" (Association of Traditional Wine Growers). Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are certainly the best-known varieties of the Traisental and justifiably also the showpiece wines of Tom Dockner, but Traminer and Pinot Noir are also inspirational wines. Sustainability and near-natural cultivation of the vineyards are very important to the Traisental winemaker. For Tom Dockner, cellar work means bringing the quality and character of the grapes from the vineyard into the bottle without any compromise. Therefore, meticulous wine cellar hygiene and gentle processing are a matter of course here. These unique wines are best tasted where they mature: in the light-flooded tasting room in the middle of the Traisen Valley. Here you can get to the bottom of the unique character of the landscape, the people, nature and these wines.


  • Contact Person: Thomas Dockner
  • Exhibitions
  • Winemaker: Thomas Dockner
  • Tasting room
  • Cellar Door Sales
  • Production of Spirits
  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 20


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