Cocktails: Aperitivo O'clock

Aperitivo cocktail recipes

© Lukas Ilgner

Aperitivo Cocktail Rezepte

Aperitivo cocktail recipes

© Lukas Ilgner Cocktails: Aperitivo O'clock Italy has perfected the idea of the aperitivo with mouth-watering, refreshing cocktails. Here is a line-up to lend that dolce vita feeling even to a midweek night. Salute!

That hour before dinner has a distinctly Mediterranean feel. So channel that Italian summer holiday vibe with a sweet and sour Aperol Fizz, fruity apricot Negroni or a classic Americano. These cocktail recipes are not only easy to prepare but refreshingly aromatic!

Cocktail recipes

The Falstaff team wishes you the best of luck and every success in your home bar!


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