Dry Extract Interview: Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France

Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France

© Dominique Silberstein

Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France

Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France

© Dominique Silberstein

http://www.falstaff.com/nd/dry-extract-interview-julie-cavil-of-krug-champagne-france/ Dry Extract Interview: Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France Dry Extract is Falstaff’s mini-interview feature. We ask top professionals in the world of wine, food and travel to answer thirteen deceptively simple questions in quick-fire fashion. The answers are more revealing than you think. http://www.falstaff.com/fileadmin/_processed_/a/4/csm__c_DOMINIQUE_SILBERSTEIN_JULIE_CAVIL_2_high.width-1920x-prop_2186eb7c26.png

Julie Cavil is the cellar master at Krug Champagne in Reims, France. Cavil is unusual: she had a successful career in advertising before she decided to change tack and study oenology at the University of Reims. Initially, she worked for Moët & Chandon and in 2020, after 13 harvests at Krug, Julie Cavil was named cellar master of the house.

The best advice I ever got

“If your direction is clear, do not hesitate to take roundabout paths, they are the source of the most beautiful encounters.”

My life motto

Nothing ever happens by chance.

I am currently reading

I am an avid reader; I love a great story! I can easily spend most of the night reading if the story keeps me on my toes. Currently? Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner

My most played music track

The Best of Bossa Lounge playlists

If I didn’t do my current job I would be

In advertising, as I was in my past life!

Skill I don’t currently possess but would like to have 

Bartending & mixology! I am lucky enough to have a bar in my kitchen or a kitchen in my bar?! And at the moment I am learning how to make the great classic cocktails. I can confirm it is a particularly difficult but gratifying skill!

My favourite kind of exercise

I used to ski and ride a lot, but accidents have now led me to softer sports ...

I relax while

When I spend hours with friends at the table talking and laughing about everything and nothing.

I collect

I have never been attached to material things, so I’m not a collector.

My essential newspaper/magazine

I swipe through the different subscriptions and digital alerts and read the articles that take my interest.

My desert-island wine

Krug Grande Cuvée without any doubt: fresh, generous and versatile enough to pair with any kind of food I would find on the desert-island, and in magnum so I could share…!

I have learnt a lot from

Maggie Henriquez, President of the Maison Krug, the most inspiring, generous and visionary woman I have had the pleasure of knowing during my career.

My last meal and sip will be

Fresh and crusty wholegrain bread with a mature Beaufort d’Alpage, which is a French cheese from Savoie, paired with Krug Collection 1981 served at 12°C!