Five of the World’s Best Zip Lines

Five of the World’s Best Zip Lines 

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Five of the World’s Best Zip Lines

Five of the World’s Best Zip Lines 

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These ziplines will get your adrenaline pumping: five of the most amazing zip lines.

Jebel Jais Flight, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates broke yet another Guinness World Record by opening the world’s longest zip line in the northernmost emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. Thrill-seekers will travel at speeds of up to 120kph - 150kph/75mph - 93mph at a height of 1,680m/5,511ft above sea level.

The zip line is longer than the Golden Gate Bridge and has become a must-visit destination thanks to the breath-taking vistas and thrilling adventures.


Labadee, Haiti

If soaring over mountains or valleys is not enough, you may want to try the longest overwater zip line in the world. Haiti’s Dragon’s Breath zip line will send you up to 152m/500ft above the island’s blue waters and beautiful beaches.

Labadee is a private area owned by the Royal Caribbean cruise company. You can either buy tickets on the spot to use the zip line or make a reservation along with your cruise booking. A first-class adrenaline rush combined with a fantastic view over the sea, what else do you need?


Stowe, Vermont, United States

Known as one of the world’s coolest zip lines, Stowe’s zip lines offer riders the fastest and most exhilarating zip line experience. Stowe in Vermont is a favourite place for skiing during winter but due to its colourful autumn foliage it is also perfect for late summer escapes. The zip trolley’s sophisticated braking system allows riders to control their speed, which can reach 97kph/60mph.


Roatan, Honduras

This tropical paradise is the perfect destination for beautiful landscapes, exotic plants and delicious local cuisine. You will have a chance to ride on one of the longest zip lines on the island (594m/1,950ft) and hike through many breath-taking areas. With crystal-clear water and excellent diving opportunities, Roatan is a popular destination for those who love action-packed holidays.


Sky Trek, Costa Rica

There are many stunning places in Costa Rica and Sky Trek is one of its impressive wonders. The magical forests offer visitors the chance to explore the country by canoeing, hiking or zip lining.

There are nine cable systems, the longest of which is 770m/2,525ft long and 130m/456ft high. Ziplines were introduced during the 1970s and have become one of the country’s most popular activities.