Pop-Up Bar Dedicated to CBD-Based Cocktails Opens in London

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CBD-Cocktail Pop-Up Devonshire Terrace London

© photo provided

http://www.falstaff.com/nd/pop-up-bar-dedicated-to-cbd-based-cocktails-opens-in-london/ Pop-Up Bar Dedicated to CBD-Based Cocktails Opens in London CBD, or cannabidiol, is the effective but non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. There now is a London pop-up. http://www.falstaff.com/fileadmin/_processed_/8/8/csm_Scaled_Devonshire_Terrace___TRIP_CBD-Cocktail_Pop-Up_In_London_6d7d58171e.png

Drake & Morgan, who run 23 wine bars in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, have partnered with CBD specialist TRIP to open the pop-up. It runs from May to September in London’s City, at the chain’s Devonshire Terrace venue.

The pop-up is dedicated to cocktails and mocktails made with 15mg of high-quality CBD, or cannabidiol, the effective ingredient of cannabis. Derived from the hemp plant. CBD is non-psychoactive and also known as ‘medical marihuana’. It is said to relieve anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain without actually creating a high.

Healthy Hedonism

Devonshire Terrace touts its cocktail creations as “healthy hedonism designed to alleviate stress”. The CDB comes from TRIP’s own range of soft drinks, used as mixers. Punters will be able to indulge in drinks like Sunset Crush which is based on Tanqueray Seville gin or Cloud Nine, based on Beefeater pink gin and Campari.

CBD-based cocktails are something of a trend, with various other London bars serving drinks made variously with CBD oil and CBD syrup.

Devonshire Terrace
Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4WY
T: 020 7256 3233