Falstaff Restaurant of the Week

Each week, Falstaff highlights a different restaurant

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Each week, Falstaff highlights a different restaurant

Each week, Falstaff highlights a different restaurant

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WEEK 30/2021


Plaza de San Juan 1
24549 Atxondo, Spain

In the tiny village of Axpe in northern Spain, against the stunning backdrop of the Basque mountains, an hour’s drive from San Sebastián, Etxebarri has slowly cemented its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the world. Self-taught chef-owner Victor Arguinzoniz cooks everything over la brasa, a huge grill with a system of winches and pulleys to lower and raise ingredients towards the heat – he even makes his own charcoal in a kiln, using different wood to suit specific ingredients. His and his team’s attention to detail is mesmerising.

Restaurant of the Week: Etxebarri

Restaurant of the Week: Etxebarri

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WEEK 29/2021

Empress by Boon

838 Grant Ave
94108 San Francisco
Lauda, USA

Designed by Atelier LLYS, the sixth-floor space is washed in shades of blue and features three distinct atmospheres that showcase sweeping views of the San Francisco skyline. Empress by Boon is Boon’s first solo project as a modern Cantonese restaurant focusing on Californian ingredients and currently offers a $68 tasting menu to introduce diners to his version of modern Cantonese dishes. Don’t expect to encounter strictly Chinese flavours. Boon is Malaysian and future menu plans include dishes inspired by snacks and fruit salads he grew up eating at street stalls and South Asian flavours.

Restaurant of the Week: Empress by Boon

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WEEK 28/2021

Anne-Sophie Pic

Place du Port 17
1000 Lausanne
Canton Waadt, Switzerland

Madame Pic does not simply import goods from her native France, but relies on passionate partners from the region to create stunning dishes at Anne-Sophie Pic. Chef Kévin Vaubourg's cooking is confident and completely in the spirit of the gourmet restaurant’s eponym: harmonious but going well beyond winsome, light but also with depth. In addition to the terrific wine list, the sommelier team offers extremely exciting pairings to the menu. 

Restaurant of the Week: Anne-Sophie Pic, Switzerland

Restaurant of the Week: Anne-Sophie Pic, Switzerland

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WEEK 27/2021


Gronauer Straße 1
60385 Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

Chairs is not a gourmet temple at which to worship but a gourmet bistro where everything is full of life, vim and vigour – especially the food cooked by head chef and co-director Dennis Aukili. These are some of the dishes that knock your socks off at Chairs: Tomato, Charentais melon, basil. It sounds simple but tastes so intense; it is sophisticated and elaborately prepared.

Restaurant of the Week: Chairs

Restaurant of the Week: Chairs

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WEEK 26/2021

The Bridge Arms

53 High Street
CT4 5LA Canterbury, England

The Bridge Arms sits in the pretty and petite village of Bridge in deepest Kent, England, originally a 16th century coaching inn. On a sunny day it is bucolic and pretty ravishing. Neatly fitting the potentially ‘difficult second album’ of restaurant openings, the owners’ first venture The Fordwich Arms quickly picked up a Michelin star. It is now firmly on the trail of any self-respecting follower of the best places to eat in the UK. 

Restaurant of the Week: The Bridge Arms

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WEEK 25/2021

Café Deco

43 Store Street
WC1E 7DB London
England, United Kingdom

The Café Deco venture is a collaboration with 40 Maltby Street, the restaurant and wine bar which has done much to lead the renaissance of the dining scene in the environs of Borough Market. A quiet confidence emanates from the menus of Café Deco – its stark simplicity and understated elegance assures the diner that everything is going to be alright.

Chef Anna Tobias of Café Deco 

© Sam A. Harris

WEEK 24/2021

Onyx in Do & Co Haas Haus

Stephansplatz 12
1010 Wien
Vienna, Austria

After the lockdown, Attila Dogudan realised two things: bars are not that popular right now and Vienna was lacking Asia-inspired concepts. So, without further ado, the hotel bar on the sixth floor of the Haas Haus was remodelled and »Onyx« was born. 

Restaurant of the Week: Onyx in Do & Co Haas Haus

Restaurant of the Week: Onyx in Do & Co Haas Haus