The Cosiest Fondue Huts in Switzerland

In the exclusive Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht you can enjoy fondue in a particularly cosy atmosphere.

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In the exclusive gondola village of Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht you can enjoy fondue in a particularly cosy atmosphere.

In the exclusive Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht you can enjoy fondue in a particularly cosy atmosphere.

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Fondue and raclette have always been popular winter dishes and for a few years now, pop-up fondue chalets have been multiplying in Swiss cities. Guests can now enjoy tasty hot cheese specialities in cosy surroundings away from the ski slopes and mountains.

Most chalets are equipped with a fireplace and serve local wines. After all, what goes better with typical winter dishes than cosy warmth and a glass of good Chasselas from the Valais?

Chalet au Lac, Zurich


Chalet au Lac, Zurich

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Zurich's Baur au Lac has opened a chalet in its park for the Christmas season – hut romance included. Guests can enjoy a fondue as part of a four-course menu together with other Swiss delicacies, such as raclette, in a rustic, casual atmosphere.

Open: 1st - 31st December 2021
Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich

Wintialp, Wintherthur

In Wintialp, people sit at long tables on rustic wooden benches.

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Until February, a rustic wooden chalet is located in the middle of Winterthur's city park. The chalet is furnished with great attention to detail and just like a real alpine chalet, including a fireplace, of course. Classic fondue is served here, but there are also special ones including whisky, saffron or 5-cheese mixtures. Raclette fans also get their money's worth. If you don't fancy fondue or raclette, you can order homemade mountain ravioli.

Open: 12th November 2021 to 5th February 2022
In Stadtpark, 8400 Winterthur

Gondola Village, Heiden

Gondel-Dorf, Heiden

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This winter, top chef Tobias Funke from Gasthaus Zur Fernsicht offers a cosy gondola village for romantic fondue enjoyment. The exclusive fondue gondolas for two to four people were restored by the Fernsicht team themselves and are styled with wooden parquet flooring, heating and a rustic wooden table. Popular Fernsicht fondue mixtures and specialities are on offer, from moitié-moitié and Appenzeller cheese fondue to herb cheese or tomato cheese fondue to truffle cheese fondue or even vegan fondue.

Open: 2nd November 2021 to 26th February 2022
Seeallee 10, 9410 Heiden

Baracca Zermatt, Basel

Cheese fondue from Whymper-Stube in Zermatt.

© Xenia Zezzi

This fondue hut brings mountain romance to the Rhine. The furnishings are by Zermatt artist Heinz Julen and are complemented by skis from Napoleon's time and old black-and-white photos.

The fireplace is in the middle of the Baracca and provides a cosy atmosphere. Two menus are offered: One with cheese fondue at 65 CHF and one with fondue chinoise at 75 CHF per person with starter and dessert. The cheese fondue is available in six variations, for example with Alpine herbs, porcini mushrooms or chilli. There is also a raclette menu.

Open: Until the end of March 2022
Binningerstrasse 14, 4051 Basel

Dolder Lodge meets St. Moritz, Zurich

Dolder Lodge

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Luxury hotel, The Dolder Grand, brings alpine winter magic directly to Zürich with the pop-up 'Dolder Lodge meets St. Moritz'. Inside you will enjoy your fondue in a ski lodge atmosphere. The alpine menus are created and assembled by Heiko Nieder, who is in charge of the hotel's fine dining.

Open: 19th November 2021 to 20th February 2022
Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zürich

Fondue Hut Schwellenmäteli, Bern

From the terrace you have a wonderful view of the Aare and the Christmas lights of Bern's old town.

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Enjoy fondue directly on the Aare River and the view of Bern's old town? That's possible in the Schwellenmätteli fondue hut. There is a choice of six different fondue mixtures: In addition to the house mix, there is a bear fondue with spring onions, saucisson and bacon and a fondue with champagne and truffle. Each fondue is served with bread and potatoes. The small but fine wine selection consists exclusively of local Swiss wines.

Open: 3rd November 2021 to 20th February 2022
Dalmaziquai 11, 3000 Bern

Fondue-Veranda, Bern

Enjoy the view of Bern's old town while eating fondue.

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From the veranda of the Rosengarten restaurant you will have a magnificent view over the old town whilst you enjoy fine fondues and Swiss wines. There are several variations of fondue to choose from: Alpine herb fondue, chilli fondue and truffle fondue.

Open: Until the end of February 2022
Alter Aargauerstalden 31b, 3006 Bern  

Titlis Hut, Lucerne

The cosily furnished Rigi hut invites you to linger.

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Pure winter romance in the most Christmas-like hotel in Lucerne. The Titlis Hut is legendary and offers ancient mountain cottage romance with alpine charm. Rustic delicacies are served in a magical ambience with a homely fire. In addition to numerous fondue variations, raclette is also offered. There are also alternative main courses should anyone wish to dine off-piste.

Open: 12th November 2021 to 26th March 2022
Seeburgstrasse 53, 6006 Lucerne

Fondue Gondeln vom Walliser Keller, Zurich

Fondue gondolas have been in front of Walliser Keller since the beginning of November.

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This year, the gondolas of the Spielboden cable car from Saas-Fee are back in front of the Walliser Keller in the Niederdorf. Here you can sit down in the gondolas from the 1970s and enjoy a classic fondue moitié-moitié with baguette. If you're really hungry, you can order the menu with a starter and dessert. There is also a vegan menu.

Open: Until the end of April 2022
Zähringerstrasse 21, 8001 Zürich

Frau Gerolds Garten, Zürich

Frau Gerold's garden is lovely in summer but also later in the year, in their WInter Parlour.

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In winter, a wooden pavilion is set up in Frau Gerold's Garden which is equipped with a fireplace lounge and tables. In addition to the classic fondue mixtures, there is one with beer and bacon or truffles. The menu is also impressive in other respects: There are starters and desserts including homemade brownies and lemon sorbet with a shot of vodka.

Open: Until 19th March 2022
Geroldstrasse 23, 8005 Zürich

Chalet Züriberg, Zürich


Chalet Züriberg, Zürich

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Chalet Züriberg is set up on the terrace of the Sorell Hotel, situated high above Zürich and offers a unique view of the city, lake and Alps. The cheese fondue is made from cheese from the Guldenberg farm in Embrach and the classic fondue chinoise with meat from the Ziegler butcher's shop. Both can be enjoyed by the warm fire. The spicy cheese fondue is available classic, with chilli, bacon and onions, dried tomato or with truffle.

Open: Until 12th February 2022
Orellistrasse 21, 8044 Zürich