Top 10 Negroni cocktail recipes

The classic Negroni cocktail.

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The classic Negroni cocktail.

© Shutterstock Top 10 Negroni cocktail recipes The Negroni was voted the world's best-selling classic cocktail of 2022 but you can find numerous contemporary twists on an old time favourite.

Made with equal parts Campari, gin and sweet vermouth, the Negroni has long been one of the most popular and famous classic cocktails. And in 2022, after eight years as best supporting cocktail, it finally reached the number one spot according to Drinks International's poll of top bars around the world.

The Negroni gets its name from Count Camillo Negroni who in 1919 asked a bartender in Florence to jazz up his Americano cocktail. Gin was used instead of soda and the Negroni was born. 

More than 100 years later, the Negroni too has evolved and there are numerous twists on the classic drink that you can enjoy making at home. Here are some of our favourites. Salute!

The Falstaff team wishes you lots of fun and success mixing!