Ways to Support Restaurants Right Now – If You’re Not Eating Out

How to support restaurants if you are not eating out

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How to support restaurants if you are not eating out

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1. Order in

Many of our favorite restaurants have pivoted to delivery over the course of the pandemic. Treat yourself to great food and wine from the comfort of your sofa. It’s not quite the same as being at New York's Via Carota, but it will be a delicious dinner nonetheless.

2. Try a meal kit or stock up on provisions

From bottled pasta sauces, chilli crisps to a full-on Korean dinner for two, you’ll find plenty of ways to fill your kitchen with delicious possibilities. You could be eating soba noodles from Sarashina Hori this New Year’s Eve – and we suggest that you do.

3. Get the merch.

Love Roberta’s Pizza? Buy the hat. Send more than a salami to your son overseas – pick up a Katz Deli T-shirt too. Feeling fancy? Treat yourself to a martini as served at the Carlyle with this luxurious gift set. Or fill your freezer with dumplings – and a dumpling jumper to wear while you eat them, from Nom Wah.

4. Buy a gift card

Imagine, Future You, sitting up at the bustling counter at Shukette, dunking hot pita into creamy hummus, and buy yourself the gift card that’s going to make it happen. 

4. Make a donation

There are hundreds of GoFundMe possibilities – a great way to help out a favourite restaurant. Support ROC United, an organisation on a mission to improve conditions for restaurant workers – including an emergency relief fund. For fair and better pay.