What is Silvaner?

Silvaner, also sometimes spelled Sylvaner, is a white grape variety of Austrian origin that today is cultivated chiefly in Franken, Germany and Alsace, France.

What does Silvaner taste like?

Silvaner can bring high yields and make a light, neutral wine, however, when treated with respect, it becomes a grape variety that is absolutely expressive of site and soil. Silvaner has rather subtle aromas, often of herbs like chervil, fern, and fresh hay. Mature examples can have notions of salsify and white asparagus.

Where is Silvaner from?

Silvaner is a natural crossing of Savagnin and Österreichisch Weiss which is thought to have occurred several centuries ago in eastern Austria. Silvaner has been documented in Germany since the late 17th century.

Where does Silvaner grow?

Silvaner’s spiritual home is the wine region of Franken in southern Germany. It is here that the grape reaches its apotheosis, expressing the character of the Triassic sandstone and limestone soils beautifully. Silvaner also is grown to a lesser extent in Germany’ s Rheinhessen. There are sizeable but declining plantings of Sylvaner in Alsace, where the variety is spelled with a ‘y’.

Famous Silvaner regions:

  • Franken, Germany
  • Alsace, France

Anything else?

Silvaner once was the most widely planted grape variety in Germany, always reliable and ripening despite the then still much cooler climate.

Our selection of great Silvaner

  • Rudolf May, Franken, Germany
  • Zehnthof Luckert, Franken, Germany
  • Sauer, Franken, Germany
  • Bürgerspital, Franken, Germany
  • Ostertag, Alsace, France
  • Josmeyer, Alsace, France

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