• 08.04.2022
    Are Celebrity Wines Really Worth Drinking?
    Wines made or endorsed by famous names are now a firm part of the wine business. If done right, they are a perfect extension of a...
  • 23.03.2022
    A Global Tour of Riesling
    Riesling revivals are regularly hyped but fail to materialise because the variety is seen as niche and still has an image problem. This...
  • 11.11.2021
    The Top Nine Things to do around Austria
    Falstaff is delighted to show off Austria‘s must-visit destinations from Carinthia to Vienna.
  • 29.10.2021
    The New Face of Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Even classics like single malt Scotch whisky need innovation, so distilleries have been experimenting and pushing boundaries to present ever...
  • 28.10.2021
    Welcome Outside
    The call of the great outdoors and the longing to move in the fresh air; we are not just imagining it, it really does do us a world of good.
  • 28.10.2021
    The Birth of a Legend
    Top Italian wines such as Tignanello and Sassicaia were created in protest against obsolete winemaking regulations. This represented a fresh...
  • 25.10.2021
    Think Differently
    Angelo Gaja is a fourth-generation winemaker at his family estate Gaja in Piedmont, Italy. He revolutionised winemaking in his home region,...
  • 25.10.2021
    Clams: Tenacity and Balance
    Grounded at home, our columnist refused to give up travel. Spurred by vivid dreams of clams, she travelled the world, and found creative...
  • 25.10.2021
    Eat Your Heart Out
    Hans Mahr is a flavour obsessive and compulsive restaurant goer. Here is his bucket-list of the 25 places he cannot wait to visit again,...
  • 14.10.2021
    Ribera del Duero: The New Freshness in Spain
    Change is afoot in the Spanish region of Ribera del Duero. Instead of power and richness, winemakers are now aiming for freshness and...
  • 12.10.2021
    Bordeaux: Taking a Fresh Look
    Bordeaux is home to some of the world’s best, most long-lived and expensive wines. But are Bordeaux wines really beyond the reach of any but...
  • 24.09.2021
    Chef Icon Alain Ducasse: The Multitalent
    Alain Ducasse is the only chef to hold 20 Michelin stars. The Frenchman is also a celebrated author of cookery books and the mastermind...
  • 21.09.2021
    Africa: The Great Migration
    Every July and August thousands of animals migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of fresh pastures. It is one of...
  • 14.09.2021
    French Riviera
    The French Riviera’s appeal is timeless. Who can resist the scenery, the incredible light, the smell of salty air and pine carried on the...
  • 26.08.2021
    Profile: Carlo Mondavi of RAEN Winery on the Sonoma Coast
    Carlo and Dante Mondavi are the scions of one of California‘s most influential wine dynasties. Their family history shows that new...