Barrier-free Cafés in Upper Austria

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39 cafés and coffeehouses offering "Barrier-free" ranked highest on Falstaff's 100-point scale in Upper Austria. All information including address and phone number.
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Zaunerstollen, Ischler Torte, Kaisergugelhupf. You don't just go to Zauner to enjoy pastries. You enter the premises and feel the passionate confectioner's craft with all your senses. Since 1832 the sweet monument of Bad Ischl.

Pfarrgasse 7, 4820 Bad Ischl, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

The Traxlmayr is an institution, has existed for more than 175 years and has retained its Viennese coffee house charm. The selection of newspapers (more than 100 current issues) is unique, as is the location with a beautiful guest garden on the promenade.

Promenade 16, 4020 Linz, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

Delightful restaurant on Pfarrplatz that brings together people with and without disabilities. The homemade pastries such as Apfelschlangerl or Rahmkipferl are in a class of their own, and you could spoon the milk foam on the cappuccino all day long.

Pfarrplatz 4, 4020 Linz, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

At the gates of Linz, right by the Danube, Le Bonbon delights with French specialties and pastries. Good coffee is just as much a matter of course as the oven-fresh croissants, which you can enjoy sweet or savoury with ham.

Margarethen 25, 4020 Linz, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

The main street is pulsating again. This is also thanks to the café, which attracts many young, hip people. It's hard to find more coffee variations in Linz. This is just as much in keeping with the spirit of the times as the chic guest garden, with a spray-painted ocelot as a wall motif.

Hauptstraße 46, 4040 Linz, Austria

A pleasant bonus for Ebelsberg, which is not least due to the very friendly staff. But the breakfast menu also demonstrates a melange of tradition and modernity. Classic breakfasts with ham and soft egg are just as delicious as bagels and peanut butter.

Wiener Straße 489, 4030 Linz, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

On January 1 the gourmet journey begins in Traun - and it doesn't end until December 31. Every day, gourmets can enjoy their organic teas and start with an extensive breakfast. Those in pairs ideally choose the deluxe version with Beef Tartar and Prosecco.

Weidfeldstraße 115/1, 4050 Traun, Austria

Trendy and casual café for the young scene in Linz. Located right next to the music theatre, guests look forward to fair trade coffee, perfectly prepared by the barista. The breakfast menu takes the palate on a journey around the world.

Landstraße 119, 4020 Linz, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

Grünau invites you to explore the picturesque surroundings. Those who want to discover its culinary scene enjoy smart themed breakfast variations: either feast "Kasberg", climb the "Großer Priel" or satisfy lots of hunger with the "Grünauberg" with fried eggs au gratin.

Im Dorf 17, 4645 Grünau, Austria

Away from the stress of everyday life, into a holiday in your head. The café puts the world at your feet. The cool groups of society start their journey around the globe with pide, burgers or pizza. Afterwards, you can enjoy good coffees or finely tuned cocktails.

Neue Landstraße 72, 4655 Vorchdorf, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

Actually, you could quietly start studying again, some guests probably think as they sit by the pond on the university campus. A cool location with an equally well thought-out menu. Praiseworthy: porridge with oat milk - not only for vegans!

Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz, Austria

One of the most beautiful destinations in Gmunden. First buy a delicious ice cream at Baumgartner's and then stroll along Lake Traunsee on the esplanade. Pastry connoisseurs, however, linger longer at the pastry shop, enjoying lake views and succulent Gmundner Torte.

Esplanade 1, 4810 Gmunden, Austria

The Rosso is one of the best fish restaurants in Austria. But also the Italian coffee and the excellent pastries inspire. None other than patron Ingmar Goetzloff's mother bakes them fresh almost daily, bringing back childhood memories.

Weingartshofstraße 29, 4020 Linz, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

An X can stand for many things. Lovers send it to each other as a symbol for a kiss. Or they use it to mark their favourite ingredients on the breakfast menu - and it's easy to fall in love with it: an X for a poached egg, date cream or an aphrodisiac turmeric shot.

Messegelände 9a, 4600 Wels, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

Sweet seduction with a bittersweet note: the barista takes connoisseurs on a short holiday for the soul in the morning hours with homemade pastries. This is accompanied by specialty coffees that are prepared with passion by the team. There are also good teas.

Silberzeile 13, 4780 Schärding, Austria
Coffee Bar/Café

A cosy café in the heart of Traun, that offers something for those with a sweet tooth as well as those with savoury tastes. Some feast on Jindrak pastries, the Linze Torte testimonial, while others keep their taste buds busy with an omelette with chorizo and jalapeños.

Hauptplatz 1, 4050 Traun, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

The upper Mühlviertel and the Bohemian Forest are predestined for those seeking peace and quiet, mushroom experts and excursionists. The Stephansplatzerl is a particularly good place to linger. In addition to classic breakfast variations, the bagels and breakfast breads are a big hit.

Sankt Stefan am Walde 36, 4170 Sankt Stefan-Afiesl, Austria
Classic Coffeehouse

Attentive service, always with a smile, combined with delicious tasting pastries such as the fruity-chocolate pear slice, make for a place to feel good, which one always enjoys visiting. Wedding cakes are also baked upon request.

Ernst-Dreefs-Straße 2a, 4722 Peuerbach, Austria

Dwarf snoozing on the Grottenbahn or enjoying Linzer Torte and a view. Both are possible: first experience a ride on the dragon and then visit a popular café above the rooftops of Linz. Fun on another level.

Am Pöstlingberg 12, 4040 Linz, Austria

The place on the Danube, where the sun shines especially long and bathes the terrace in warm light, is already something special. But breakfast and omelettes are also good. Brunch is available until 1 pm. Perfect for reading one of the many daily newspapers.

Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, 4020 Linz, Austria