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Pandemic pantry with stocked food.  Emergency food prep during Coronavirus Covid-19 for survival. Supplies you need at home if you are quarantined. Prepping for quarantine - glass jars with provision.
Food & Beverage
Foods that last (almost) forever
Long shelf-life is an important criterion for food. For some food products, the expiry date is in...
By Falstaff Editorial Team
Best restaurants
Riga for foodies
Riga is underrated as a food destination, but it is worth exploring and ready to be found.
By Aivar Hanson
Wrapped minced meat in cabbage leaves and mashed potatoes - polish dish gołąbki
Guide to Polish Cuisine
Polish cuisine is quite unique and memorable, and it is currently experiencing a full renaissance.
By Taras Kowalczyk
Travel Essentials
In the Middle of Nowhere
An unbelievable hotel with a few rooms and its restaurant became a benchmark for Estonian...
By Aivar Hanson
Five hidden cafes in Salzburg
Hidden in inconspicuous passageways and courtyards, the city of Mozart is home to eateries that are...
By Julia Emma Weninger
What is your favourite drink in summer?