“Le Voyage en Drakkar”

“Le Voyage en Drakkar”
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Cocktail with Absinthe

“Le Voyage en Drakkar” by mixologist Valentin Aleksandrowicz.

Michelle Tchea
The Swiss are keen inventors. The Swiss army knife is an iconic tool used by campers for survival, vegetable peeler known as “the rex” is an indispensable tool used by all cooks and what would the Olympics be with Bobsled? When it comes to gastronomy, the Swiss are not great rivals to their neighbors in Italy, Germany and of course France (but maybe that is more to do with export and also quantity), however, something the Swiss can be very proud of is inventing Absinthe. The strong liquor has a very interesting history with it being banned for more than 100 years, however, the drink produced and invented in Neuchatel is in fact responsible for one of France’s most loved drinks: Pastis. Larusee, founded by Nicolas Nyfeler, is one 40 independent distilleries in Switzerland making artisan Absinthe and he shares with Michelle Tchea (courtesy of mixologist, Valentin Aleksandrowicz at SoHo in Basel), a cocktail made with this Swiss speciality.

2 cl Falernum d’absinthe Larusée
4 cl 1653 Old Barrel Rum
1.5 cl vanilla syrup
1.5 cl lime juice
6 cl pineapple juice
French mint to serve and garnish

Method: Mix all ingredients together in a mixer, shake and strain the cocktail but feel free to let any little bits of mint pass through for freshness.

Michelle Tchea
Michelle Tchea
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