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Falstaff is and remains the stable advertising partner for pinpoint targeting - for many years in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. No other partner in the indulgence and lifestyle segment has been able to show such strong growth and stability in times like these. Now we are very pleased to continue the success story also on an international level for all English speakers and present you with the cross-media media data for 2023.


Falstaff is known to offer the necessary relevance for the premium target group:

  • With 143,100 distributed copies in German-speaking countries, Falstaff magazine has long been an indispensable reading pleasure for every epicurean
  • Reach among the high-income readership rose from 4.9 % to 5.4 %.
  • Overall, 64% of Falstaff readers come from the high to very high income bracket.
  • According to the latest IVW figures for the 3rd quarter of 2022, Falstaff is pleased to be the market leader in Germany. The magazine has 12,000 more subscribers than its established competitor Feinschmecker.**
  • For the 5th year in a row, Falstaff is the 2020 best-selling magazine in Switzerland.***
  • Numbers and insights for the international audience will follow soon.

(*MA 2022/2023 **IVW 3rd quarter 2022 ***Wine & Culinary category)


Established formats and individual content innovations at the highest level in German-speaking countries will be transferred to Falstaff International's products:

  • Website Falstaff.com: exclusive and engaging web content about wine, drinks, food, restaurants, destinations and trend plus free access to Falstaff's tasting note database
  • Weekly newsletter encompassing wine, food & travel for our Falstaff community
  • Presence on social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter

We are growing and investing in our social community on a daily basis, using our proven track record in continental Europe to make an international impact. A sophisticated growth strategy has turned Falstaff into one of Europe‘s most successful brands when it comes to user engagement.

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