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Gourmet in Porto: The 10 best restaurants, bars and cafés

Falstaff presents a culinary journey of discovery through Porto. From traditional to modern restaurants and fabulous bakeries - we reveal which addresses you should not miss in Porto.

While Lisbon is the financial and cultural centre of Portugal, Porto is considered rather sedate. Trends are not the order of the day here. The city is therefore the perfect destination for people who like to savour traditional cuisine. In addition to the omnipresent (Porto) wine, there are excellent pastries, seafood, vegetables, meat and cheese to be bought on every corner, which fortunately are also on offer in the countless restaurants. Of course, the Portuguese hype of recent years has not left Porto unscathed. This is why, in addition to traditional businesses, there are now numerous microbreweries, coffee roasters, sourdough bakeries and natural wine bars, often opened by expats or returning emigrants. The scene is lively and the city is worth a (culinary) voyage of discovery!

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Larissa Graf
Larissa Graf
Falstaff Editorial Team
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