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Top 10 Dining Destinations in Lisbon

Join Falstaff on a culinary expedition through Lisbon, exploring everything from exquisite seafood eateries and vibrant market halls to trendy bars and charming cafés. Discover why this cosmopolitan city is a haven for food lovers.

Long gone are the days when Lisbon was considered an insider tip. Today, the Portuguese capital is one of the most visited cities on the continent. Along with the influx of tourists, many expats have come to the city and brought their experiences and cuisines with them. For a long time, there was hardly any international cuisine apart from a few restaurants founded by immigrants from former colonies. Today, Lisbon is home to an incredible variety of hotels, coffee roasters, restaurants and bars of all kinds. Fortunately, many of the traditional pubs have also survived: there is a place to suit every taste in the city. Thanks to this dynamic scene, the "City of Seven Hills" has become one of the most exciting destinations for gourmet travelers in recent years.

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Larissa Graf
Larissa Graf
Falstaff Editorial Team
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