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Hot Mezcal Chocolate

A chocolatey, fiery mezcal drink from German bartender Klaus St. Rainer.

Klaus St. Rainer

Hot Mezcal Chocolate

50 g Chocolate with 55% per cent cocoa content (chocolate chips or in bar form)
1 pinch(es) Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese spice mix or use chilli powder)
30 ml mezcal (eg Los Danzantes Añejo)
30 ml filter coffee
Mexican Tal De Gusano or sea salt flakes (to garnish)


  • Melt the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate in a bowl or heat-resistant glass in the microwave for 30 seconds on a medium heat (600 watts). Do this five times, waiting a few seconds after each cycle before restarting the microwave. The short intervals are important so that the chocolate does not burn.
  • When the chocolate is completely melted, pour in the spice mixture and, using a small whisk, slowly stir in the mezcal and coffee so that the consistency is nice and creamy but drinkable.
  • Either drink straight from the bowl or divide between two small bowls or cups and garnish with a sprinkling of Sal De Gusano or sea salt flakes.


You can also melt the chocolate in a water bath instead of in the microwave if you prefer.

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Klaus St. Rainer